Abisko - Trollsjön (Rissajaure)

Guided day trip to Trollsjön (Rissajaure)

The trip Abisko - Trollsjön is a day trip.

The tour starts at 09:00 (see schedule for each pick-up location) and begins with transport to Låkta where the trail through Kärkevagge to Trollsjön starts.

From Låkta we hike to Trollsjön and take a break for lunch before it's time to go back.

The trip is estimated to take 6-8 hours depending on the weather and current conditions on the trail.

Trollsjön is Sweden's cleanest clear-water lake located 815 m above sea level in the end of the valley Kärkevagge at the foot of Gearggecorru and Vassejietnja. Trollsjön is a sterile mountain lake with meltwater from nearby glaciers. The visibility depth is 36 meter all the way to the bottom of the deepest part of the lake. The depth of sight would most likely been longer if the lake had been deeper. It’s estimated to be about 70 meters.

Trollsjön means Trolls lake in Swedish and the name Rissajaure is the Sami name for Trollsjön and it roughly means the lake that glimmers like fire.

The Kärkevagge valley is about 5.5 km long and is a labyrinthine landscape of large boulders. Kärkevagge means rocky valley, and hidden among these boulders are an estimated number of over 3000 caves in the walley floor.

On the way to Trollsjön, it is possible to see some animals such as reindeer, lemmings, buzzards, grouse, hares, mountain pipits and sometimes even sea eagles. In Kärkevagge there are also several typical mountain plants such as kvanne, stormhatt, glacier crowfoot, rose root, polar wool, polar willow and dwarf birch, so a good tip is to bring binoculars and a mountain flora on the trip.

Length / height difference: 12 km, +/- 400 m

Recommended minimum age 12 years.

Mandatory packing:


Shoes / boots suitable for hiking


Warm sweater / reinforcement jacket

Hat / buff and gloves

Water bottle


If you are missing any of the above, there is a place to buy / rent / borrow depending on what you need, contact us and we can help you.

Fun / optional packing:

Sun protection / cap


Hiking poles

Map and compass



Fjällflora – mountain plant guide


Outdoor towel (for possible swimming in Trollsjön)




A minimum of 2 participants is required for the tour to take place.

Pick-up Time. Accommodation                              
  • 09:00 Abisko Mountain Lodge
  • 09:00 abisko.net/Hostel and Huskies
  • 09:05 Abisko Guesthouse
  • 09:10 STF Abisko Turiststation
  • 09:20 Björkliden - Hotell Fjället
  • 09:20 Björkliden - Gammelgården

Please be at the pickup location 5 minutes before the scheduled pickup time.

Last-minute reservations

This trip can be booked online until 20:00 the night before. To make a reservation with shorter notice, please call +46 (0)73 508 82 77.

If you wish to join this tour on another time/date than those scheduled, please send an email with your request to aril.p@abiskoadventure.se

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